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About The Martian

Lalime’s Martian is an Ottawa Senators Twitter personality inspired by the caricature of Marvin the Martian from Looney Toons that was painted on the mask of former Senators Goalie Patrick Lalime (1999-2004 with Ottawa). 

I jumped into the Sens Twitter community head-first in March 2020, right when the lockdown hit. I changed my handle from my name to @LalimesMartian and I started tweeting about the Sens as a hobby. It became an outlet for my creative energy, and as I started interacting more with the diverse group of people in this fanship, it’s become a lot of fun. 

This blog takes the vibe of my twitter account to long form. I will be diving deep into topics I feel passionately about, getting gritty, and bringing original Senators content to the forum.

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