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Bar-Down Connor Brown: An Appreciation Blog

Folks, Connor Brown is on fire, and I’m not talking about his hair.

The 27-year-old Ottawa Senator just became the first NHL player of the century to post an 8-game goal streak.

That’s history folks.

And the most beautiful part about it is; he could extend that streak tonight with another goal over the Winnipeg Jets when they face off mere moments from the time this blog will be published.

The streak alone is a monumental feat, but if you look at Brown’s season as a whole, you’ll find that he’s been impressive on multiple fronts.

Let’s start out by taking a look at some of the company Brown is keeping around the league right now. Check out this tweet from @PeskySickos on Twitter (solid account for any Sens fan, by the way, and criminally under-followed so check 'em out)

Uhh, not a bad group to be bunched up with.

Without looking, I’m pretty sure nearly every guy on that list makes around double or more than Connor Brown’s inexpensive salary of $3.6M per year. So safe to say the scoring output the Sens are getting from Brown is a bargain .

He’s currently tied with Brady Tkachuk for the team lead in goals with 14. If anybody out there tells you they predicted that would be the case with 13 games left in the season, they’re a liar.

Sure, Brown was an elite goal scorer in junior when he played alongside *Checks notes* Connor McDavid in Erie, but as an NHLer, he has a career high of 20 goals (over 82GP) so it’s not like anybody was expecting him to perform offensively the way he is currently, especially playing for the Sens.

If only he could score on breakaways, he’d have already smashed that career high in only 43 games played.

What makes the streak even more impressive is, although he gets powerplay time, Brown hasn’t scored any of his goals with a man advantage. In fact, 2 of the 8 goals in this streak were shorties, which speaks even further to his defensive abilities, which I'll get to.

Everything seems to be going right for Brown lately, I mean, look at this, even shots from range are going in for the guy:

At the start of the season, Hellebuyck stops this easily. But on this 8 game streak, he has no chance - that thing is going to find its way into the back of the net. Why? Because Brown is on what the kids call a ‘heater’. There’s no stopping him until he stops himself.

Speaking of stopping people:

Did you know Connor Brown is second in the entire league in takeaways? You probably did if you saw my tweet from yesterday, but yes, that’s correct: Connor Brown is only 1 (one) takeaway behind former Senator and known larcenist, Mark Stone for the league lead in that department.

I swear to god. If Connor Brown didn’t play for the Ottawa Senators and have a -10 +/- rating (because he plays on the Senators), we’d be hearing his name in Selke talks right now. If he still played in Toronto, he would almost certainly be getting that consideration (just like Zach Hyman is).

Brown is a fantastic penalty killer, is usually assigned to the other teams top players, is 4th in the league in shorthanded goals, 2nd in the league in takeaways and has 24 blocked shots to top it off.

However, I digress. I don’t think my #Selkemitts hashtag is going to gain any steam this season in regards to Connor Brown getting Selke votes(nor should it), but maybe next year when this team is better, I’ll break it back out and Sens Twitter can do it’s thing to get this defensive dynamo his due credit in that department, league wide.

For now, Senators fans can continue to enjoy a fantastic success story in real-time as Brown attempts to keep the streak alive with 9-straight games with a goal tonight against Winnipeg.

Soak it in Sens fans, this is one of the story lines that we can look back on when we remember the 2021 season.

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